Time to Uncover?

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Any personal stories about when you decided to stop wearing wig or hat after hair started growing back after chemo? I probably have about an inch in most places and would love to be brave and uncover.


  • shemiya
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    Goodmorning wsmsilva,
    I finished chemo 23rd Dec.2003, by the middle of January I got rid of all my coverings. My hair had covered my head and it looked as if I just had a really short haircut. you would not believe the compliments I got about my hair cut. I'd just say thanks it is not my haircut its my new hair after chemo and I'm so proud to have it.
    It also came back curly. I got it trimmed for the first time about 3 weeks ago. It is shoulder length now. Good luck to you and do whatever is comfortable for you.
  • rutaf
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    When the wig started sliding all around (without a cap underneath), it was time for me to try to go without the wig. I work with college aged students and they and my college aged daughter weren't ready yet, but it had to happen. I think they see the super short hair as a reminder. I still feel very short but I've never worn hair this short. It is very gray--more than I had before. Oh, well, right? You get what you get. It could be a lot worse.
  • DebRoa
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    I started going bare about 8 weeks after my last chemo. I had hair that was about 1/2 an inch...it was cute....kinda! Be gutsy-Just do it!


  • martyzl
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    I was 37 when I got the diagnosis (nearly 3 yrs ago now)
    Well, I never did wear a wig. Rarely I wore a hat or bandana(when I got cold, my adventure was through fall & winter).
    Of course, I should say that I have been known to give myself a buzz cut or colour on a whim.. college and high school throwback I guess. *smiles* My attitude has always been "it's just hair, it'll grow back."

    Of all times to be invited to weddings, which is very rare for me, I was invited to 3 while bald & yellow from chemo!! I found some lovely liquid eyeliner in shades of purple to go with my outfit and drew spirals all over my scalp. It was rather nice, really!
    When my hair started growing back in after the chemo, it was fine, thin, fluffy and grey. My normal hair had been dark brown, wavy and thick. We shaved off that precursor hair and soon my "real" hair started coming back in, as thick as it'd been pre-babies, dark and curly, with a few greys for highlights.
    Again, no hats or covers and I too had rave reviews for my short 'do. Compliments from complete strangers who had no idea that I didn't cut it that short, it was my "chemo-cut".
    By the way, it stayed wonderfully curly 'til I cut it off at shoulder length. I buzzed it off for the summer post-chemo and now it is growing back in with a bit more wave than I had pre-chemo.

    For me, being bald was an opportunity to talk to others about what was happening with me, to show them that I am not (too) scary. *smiles*

    We only go 'round this time once, have fun with it! Enjoy! Do what makes you happy and comfortable. Take care of you, inside and out!

    Be well,
    ~marty in Michigan
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    I finished my chemo jan 5, 2004 and started going without my wigs and hats sometime in march. The reaction I received is the same as everyone else. People thought it was just a very short haircut and my hair was very curly (never had curly hair before) and to tell you the truth I really liked it. My hair is back to being straight again and sometimes I miss the curl. Wish you well, be brave and don't worry about what other people think.

  • Idalia
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    I started going 'topless' as soon as it looked like I had hair, maybe a half inch or less. I never got as many compliments on a haircut in my life as I did on my chemocut! I felt very stylish.
  • DiO
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    I had my last chemo on Apr 29/04 and wore my wig until late Sept. I was fortunate enough to find a wig that matched my normal color and style so closely that all through treatment people at work and in church kept asking me when I was going to lose my hair! My daughter's wedding was in Sept and I decided I wanted to look like my usual self in the pictures instead of the very short curly (my normal hair is poker straight!) post chemo hair, so I kept the wig for the wedding and took it off for good the following Mon! People then said they liked my haircut and perm--most expensive perm in the world!!

    Good luck and God bless, Di
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    Thanks everyone for all your support and stories. I've decided to go to the salon on Feb. 10 to have what little hair I have styled. It's very shaggy around the ears. And cover the gray. My hair grew back very gray. And then--ta da!