Reaching out / Any Alimta users for NSC lung cancer and what the prognosis is.

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My husband has gone thru 2 different types of chemo since Feb. 04 when he was dx with NSC Lung Cancer at stge IIIB. He did taxol/carb for awhile and then Gemzar/Navelbine. His recent tests have come back that the lung mass has shrunk but there are spots in his liver that has enlarged since last tests. It's good that the lung mass has shrunk but because of the enlarged liver spots he is going to be put on Alimta. Can anyone tell me how it is going for them, what kind of side effects are you experiencing and survical stories ect..... I know this is probably our last hope for anything to work. It is now at the stage IV. Reaching out for any helpful input. He is still working and his job is so physical. He is very positive and fighting so hard. Any stories would be much appreciated.


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    I'm hear to tell you Alimta has been a God send for my husband. Dignosed March 14, 2003 with nsclc stage 4 at the age of 41. Non-smoker. Been through a lot of things. Started Alimta in the spring of 2004. It has been 9 months and it has been great. Everything has been stable and no new growth. He feels great. Has not missed a day of work. I hope you have success.
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    Hello Elaine,

    If you will go to this site, it will give you the info. concerning Alimta. I hope that it helps you both.

    Click here: Questions and Answers for Alimta

    FDA Food and Drug Administration
    Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
    Dept. of Health and Human Services

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    I got your message and I will try to answer your questions. I accidently erased the e-mail address, so I hope you get this. When first dx. was in lung, lymph, brain and adrenal gland. did several chemos with no respnse. Did whole brain rad and chest rad. Good results. went on Iressa w/good results for @ 7 mos. Then spread to spine. Thats when we started Alimta (apr) Now it is gone from the spine. the adrenal gland and lungs have shrunk and have been stable for awhile. Brain Rad was toughest thing but it worked!! I hope you can try alimta and have positive results.
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    Elaine, I came on here to see if many are using Alimta and got my answer. I have nsclc stg IIIA and my 3rd line chemo treatment is Alimta. I think my greatest struggle is the fatique and the body aches. I have not experience any skin rash or mouth sore. I am not able to work because of the fatique and I have had only 4 Alimta treatments. Not sure this will help I need also to do some studys.
    I will keep you in our prayers.