Stacy and Runner

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Dang!!!I missed tha celebrations!!!!The passed 2 weeks have found things hectic here and I apologise for my ignorance.
Congatulations to you both for reaching your respective milestones.
As we all live each day as it comes there is no substitute for encouraging news. I am off to pour a "wee" drop 'o red to toast you both. Thank you so much for your support.
luv and huggs always, kanga n Jen


  • Kanort
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    Stacy and Runner,

    Count me in on the celebrations as well. It is so encouraging to read success stories. Here's to many, many more healthy and happy years.


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    Hi Kanga and Jen,
    I add my support to your comments on Stacey and Runner they are the difinitive survivors and give hope to those who have little reason for optomism, go Stacey and Runner!!!!!
    PS. Had another anniversary myself on the 22nd have now entered year 8 all clear. Cheers Ron.
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    So, congrats to all 3: Stacey, Runner and Ron, and thanks for sharing the good news. Makes our own milestones seem reach-able.
    Judy (1 year, 3 months and counting)
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    I look forward to the day I can join this club with 1 day clear!!!!!

    Thanks for giving us hope.

    Lisa P.