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Hi you all. Well, I finished my treatment and now fully understand when people talk about the fear of it coming back. I have a question. I had a mediastinal mass, that developed without me knowing. But to be honest, I did feel that something wasn't right. It felt like there was a stone in my chest. I even went to the doctor, who, bless him, said it was heart burn (perhaps it was). Anyway, now I get 'feelings' in my chest - not pains, as such, it just feels like there's something there. Does this sound in anyway familiar to anyone. Am I going completely crazy (hypercondriacal/paranoid)? I don't get a CT scan till June, so any feedback would be appreciated.


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    I had a mediastinal mass too. I have been in remission for 5 months, but sometimes I get those "feelings" too. I have been in and out of the doctor's office thinking I'm going crazy. I've had wierd chest pains too, but every time I've gotten a CT, PET, chest XRay and such I'm all clean. But, I guess what I mean to say is that I understand where you are comming from and the anxiety that this comes with. My doctor has repeatedly reassured me that I'm OK and that what I'm feeling is simply the anxiety resulting in tensed muscles in my chest. I feel it in my back too sometimes. I've begun to try to lean more relaxation techniques (ok, it sounded dumb to me at first too, but give it a try what to you have to lose?). I just try to calm myself down and reassure myself that the tests so far have all come out ok and that i just need to hang in there. I hope this helps...
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    Hi Iozza. Same thing here with me. I had a mediastinal mass that went undetected untill it started tickling my lungs. I'm finished with my treatments now but I still get that sensation that something is there once in a while though. My doc told me that there actually is scar tissue all around that area from where the chemo killed the cancer cells so that could be what I'm feeling/sensing. I think a lot of it is nervouse tension though. That area feels very vulnerable to me now and I think about it a lot. That's probably why we notice every little feeling.
    I also would recomend relaxation techniques. There are tons of different ones out there so keep trying them untill you find one that helps you. You can visualise healing light around your chest if you like visualisation. You can lay in bed and try tensing and relaxing all of your muscles one at a time from your toes all the way up into your face. Or you can simply lay still and try and keep your mind clear of any thoughts about anything for a few minutes (harder than it sounds but it gets easier with practice). Like I said there are lots to chose from and no matter where life takes you from here they can be helpfull. Good luck.
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    Hi, I had stage 2 hodgkins and a mediastinum mass too in 1998. I was treated with Surgery, Chem and radiation. After treatment just like you all I felt heaviness in my chest area and shortness of breath after I was in remission. I saw docs who did various tests including tests for asthma, stress tests etc without any probable findings. At first I used to get scared too and thought Hodgkins was returning. But later I noticed that I had this chest tightness whenever I used household cleaners (never had it before treatment)I think maybe one of those chem drugs contributed to it. Now I know the cause of this problem which docs couldn't figure out. Anyway I think its just so normal to feel jumpy after going through an ordeal as cancer. I always call my doc if I am worried so I can sleep in peace. But from what I have heard Hodgkins is pretty much curable and doesn't come back. Good Luck!
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    I just wanted to say thank you very much for your replies and support. I've actually just come back from holiday and was gettting a bit stressed. I didn't want it to ruin my trip so did some visualisations and relaxation technique and it worked. Plus, I got my ever-loving-suffering boyfriend to feel my neck (there are lumps there that the doctor knows about and says are just scar tissue). Any time I really freak I can ask my boyfriend to check their size - of course he says there's no change. Other people are amazing aren't they? Thanks again.