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Well, I had my infusaport put in today. It's under the skin completely. Really strange. They just put a needle into the part that they can feel that is sticking up a little and the meds go into the artery. I start chemo on Thursday morning, so be praying for me. I have a hard road ahead and we're praying that this chemo does the trick. He will do a CT scan after I have been on it a little while and make sure it's working. I pray it does. If it shrinks the tumor, they will then do surgery. They have me on a lot of meds now, so I may not be on much, so I wanted to update you while I'm still able.
Love ya all
Love, Judy


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    Hi Judy,
    Welcome to the infusaport club! I hope you have some good, relaxing time in the next week before Thursday's chemo. I have chemo on Thursday morning, too, so I'll be thinking of you then. I just think of it as putting one foot in front of the other, experiencing one moment at a time. Then that moment is gone and the next one is already there, and then that one is gone too. You and I don't have to do anything but let the moments come and go.

    Has anyone told you that 2 hours before your chemo you should put a numbing cream (I use Lidocaine and Prilocaine cream--it's one ointment) on your skin over the port and cover it with a big "occlusive dressing" i.e. a plastic bandage? This makes it less uncomfortable to have the chemo needle inserted.

    Good luck!!
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    I too, have a port and it does make things alot easier. I haven't started my chemo yet, but I will soon for the third time. I am facing surgery soon also. I'll keep you in my prayers and be wishing you well for your chemo. The numbing meds do work really well for the hook up.
    Stay well,
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    Hi Judy, so sorry to hear about all your problems. Hang in there! We will be praying for you.

    Hopefully this port story will give you a smile. My hubby has a tatoo of a heart with mine and our 2 children's names in it on his chest right beneath his shoulder. When he had his port put in he told the surgeon to put the part where the needle is inserted over my name. So that every time he gets his chemo, they will be sticking the needle into my name (kinda like a voodoo doll)! We all got a laugh over that.

    Anyway, hope I brought a smile to your face. Keep the faith.

    Linda (Baltimore)
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    Hello sweetie!! I'm sitting here Sat. morning and waiting for the snow storm that is coming to start. I was hoping to see something from you!!!

    Bob also had the port and he like it alot better then getting stuck all the time. What he like was when he had the allergic reaction that time they were able to use the port right away and not waste any time trying to find a good vein. You will find it alot better then getting stuck all the time!!!

    Hang in there and take one day at a time!!!! You are always in my prayers!!!!! Do the best that you can to let me know how you are doing!!! Hugs coming your way!!!! My arms might be a little tired after the next two days of shoveling that is coming but they will be there!!!!


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    Hey Judy...welocme to the Thursday Chemo club. I start my last cycle(hopefully) on Thursday. 6 more weeks and I hope to be done!!

    You will find the port to be a wonderful thing. I see the nurses struggling to find viens in so many people.

    Just to let you know,I don't use the numbing cream and I do fine. Just make sure they let the prep dry before they insert the needle. Sometimes it stings just for a moment. That's the worst of it.

    Please seriously consider the juicing path. You have to put 100% into beating this monster.It is enjoyable and very healthy for you. You will also feel better during chemo. Give it a shot.

    You are in my prayers. Barb
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    Keep it up. I can't believe how great you sound. I hope the chemo is easy on your body, but beats the crap out of the cancer. Take long deep breaths and try to relax a bit.
    One step at a time. jana