Checking in to say "What's Up"

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Hello all my dear, dear friends. I've missed you all terribly but not a single one of you has been out of my thoughts. Where have I been? Remodeling the house and just doing a bunch of stuff. My PC was also in the PC hospital for a few weeks and internet access at work went "bonkers" but today I would like to just take a few moments to let you know we are all doing well! AMEN. I will still be absent for a little while until things settle more at home (we've been up to our you know what with it for so long now that finally, it's actually all coming to an end), but I will try not to make my absence last as long as this last one.

Gosh, I really did miss this group. You guys are always like a ray of sunshine to me and yes, to no-type Bert too. He is doing very well, thank you! Goes and sees his onc January 31 with three month follow-up scans, bloodwork, etc. done shortly thereafter. Can't believe it's already been almost two years (July 2003) since they removed his tumor and the dreaded diagnosis of stage III, lymph positive colon cancer. All of you were and continue to be wonderful in seeing me through everything and I haven't forgotten. I hope that I've been able to help a few of you as well on this journey. Not to worry, I won't stay AWOL so long any more and will be back to share, chat, and provide updates...I promise.

As far as mom goes, she continues to remain stable and it will be three years September since her diagnosis of lung cancer.

All your prayers and positive wishes have not fallen on "deaf" ears and I know, have certainly helped. I haven't read any posts so I don't know what all is going on but again, I love you all, think of you daily and keep you in my prayers every single day.

I'll be back soon.

Monika & Bert


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    MONIKA!!! Let me be the first to say WELCOME BACK:) You and silent Bert were missed! I have often thought of you guys and your mom and I was so hoping all was well. YOUPPI! I'm so glad to hear that you are all caught up in life. It's absolutely wonderful and so well deserved. You all have fought so hard to have this quality time. ENJOY! Tell Bert and your Mom to keep up the good work. It sounds like you guys are super busy but remember to take care of yourselves:) So glad you're back and all is well. Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY and an awesome week-end.

    Love and hugs,
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    Dang girl so much has been happening....

    Glad you popped in for a look-see.

    We're in the middle of construction/remodel ourselves. I will be so ready to have my 5 kids in their bedrooms.....(we bought a one bedroom log cabin--5 kids--go figure)

    Glad bert and mom are holding their own and doing well.

    peace, emily who is fighting the flu right now cough cough
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    We missed you terribly! SpongeBob even posted that you and Bert were MIA. Glad to hear it's just paying attention to the homefront and a PC cough that kept you away!

    Have a great weekend!

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    WE MISSED YOU!!!!!

    Please do drop in every so often so we can chat!!!!


    Lisa P.
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    MONIKA!!! We missed you. I was so happy to see a posting from you. Welcome BACK!