Special Day for me...

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Today is a special day for me and one I felt was so far away 10 months ago. Today is my mom's last day of treatment. YIPPEE!!!! I'm planning to make dinner for my family and after dinner about 20 - 25 close family & friends will be joining us for cake and champagne. The cake says.... Congratulations on kicking BUTT! My mother will LOVE that!

I am so grateful - I have a wonderful family, a sexy fiancee and many friends including everyone here. Thank you to everyone who has ever read or posted to my messages. I am so happy to have my mom happy & healthy come wedding dress shopping with me. It truly is a blessing.

julie : )


  • vanser
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    YIPEEEE !!!

    I love good news... Lots of love to your mom & family !!
  • Lisa Rose
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    Hi Julie,

    Looks like we made it ! ! !

    I can't believe it's been ten month's... I'm sure when you look back now, you can see how far you've come. Your a wonderful caring daughter Julie and your Mom is a lucky lady to have had you as her caregiver. So from the bottom of my heart" Congratulations " to you and Mary both on KICKING BUTT............

    Love Always Your Friend,
  • juliababy
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    Congratulations Julie, this is a very very special day. My dad has 3 more treatments to go, hopefully forever and obviously I am also getting very excited.

    Have a great time with your family and friends and most of all with mom.

  • fedester
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    hey julie,
    cheers to you and your mom. that's great news.
    tomorrow is my last treatment!!!!.
    all the best
  • oneagleswings
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    Fantastic news- enjoy and celebrate!!!!!
  • 2bhealed
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    A Toast!!

    Have a great celebration!! And congrats from all of us semi-colons too!!

    peace, emily who hopes that is organic whole grain stevia sweetened cake!! haha! :-)
  • spongebob
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    Julie -

    Please pass along my congratulations to your mom for "Kicking BUTT" (I love it!) and also congratulations for raising such a wonderful daughter as you. Your strength and encouragement during her ordeal has, no doubt, been a godsend.

    Best wishes to both of you. Have funs shopping for that wedding dress.

    - SpongeBob
  • spongebob
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    fedester said:

    hey julie,
    cheers to you and your mom. that's great news.
    tomorrow is my last treatment!!!!.
    all the best


    Congratulations to you, too!!

    Time to start feeling better now. You definitey deserve it!


    - SB
  • jsabol
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    Congrats, Julie to you and your mom,
    Celebrate, enjoy, relax...welcome to the waiting room, not a bad place to be. A chance to catch your breath after all you've been through! You and she are lucky to have each other...and have loads of fun shopping for a wedding dress. It's amazing how special all those things are, especially after staring down cancer! Judy
  • Kanort
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    Dear Julie,

    I could feel your happiness in your message. How wonderful to be celebrating the end of your mother's treatment with family and friends. We are celebrating with you! What a joy you must be to your family. Have fun shopping for that wedding dress!


  • griff
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    Congrats to your mom and your family!!! What a great reason to celebrate!!! I wish the best of health to you all!! Have a great party!!!
  • crazylady
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    That's great news. I'm so happy for you and your Mom. Have a wonderful celebration!
  • steved
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    Fab news and congratulations to both you and your mum on your fortitude in geting through this difficult time.
    Do be aware however that your mum may have some mixed feelings about this coming to an end as have been illustrated by some of the others here on this site. I too am just abot to finish my six months of post op chemo almost a year since diagnosis. I am so looking forward to finishing it and getting on with my life but also have some trepidations about the fact that I am stopping anything active that prevents this cancer coming back. While in treatment I have a feeling that I am bening active in preventing it and when finished that will go and it will be down to luck- something that many people struggle with. Periods of doubt, worry and even depression I think are quite common during this next phase so jsut be aware that your mum still has challenges to face including adjusting to not having treatment.

    Don't want to rain on you parade though as am so pleased fo you for hitting this milestone. Enjoy your party and we will drink a toast to you both here in the UK.
    well done!

  • taunya
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    Hooray for your Mom Julie!!!!!! It is wonderful to hear your happy news! I hope you and your Mom have a great celebration.
    Be Well Angel,