Pain-shoulder, back, arm, TramFlap

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Hello all!
I have a question about any experiences with pain, seemingly in the muscle and perhaps related to a vertebrae out of place.
The pain in the scapula (on mastectomy/Tram side) started when I was pregnant.
Since the birth, I've had shooting pains in the Tram, in the armpit on the same side (where a one cm. tumour was removed) and more recently, pain and tingling in the arm of the same side. Occasional shooting pains in the arm as well. The shoulder, middle back pain is such that I need to take about 400-800mg of ibuprofen to sleep most nights. It is worse laying down.

Yesterday I had a mammogram and "tram-o-gram" which came out clear. Lovely. Problem is, when I got home, the Tram was aching quite seriously. The arm of that side followed suit and became very uncomfortable. Awoke at about 2am with excrutiating pain in Tram and scapular area. Nursed the baby and popped 800mg ibuprofen afterward, took a hot shower (with arm out of way to help avoid lymphedema) which helped reduce pain to tolerable level, went back to bed and passed out.

This morn' I feel quite good but am wondering if anyone has any experiences which might give me some insight here?
I was also scheduled for a bone scan yesterday but time restraints and nursing questions forced me to plan on rescheduling it. Mamm's and scan are "just to be safe" as it appears to be muscular in nature. Odd. Onc. is not terribly concerned.
Scheduled to see a chiropractor Mon. Uses electrical equip. which I've never experienced before...

Perhaps the pregnancy with a missing layer of abdominal muscle pulled a vertebrae out of place? It's been months now since it started- am trying to do yoga stretches and watch my posture while holding the baby...

Sorry to ramble but it's very uncomfortable and disconcerting!

Be well all!


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    While I have not been pregnant since my Tram, I did immediately seek physical therapy and chiropractic care following my surgery (5 weeks after). I have continued this for nearly two years and feel that it does help. I do have occassional tingling and numbness in my fingers on my tram, mastectomy side. When that occurs my chiro tweeks things and it goes away for awhile. I also, have a hip and knee problem on the nontram side--I think this is due to the "remodeling". I think you will find the chiroprator helpful. I found the exercises that they gave me help as well.
    Congrats on the new baby!