after treatment home environment

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Our son-in law will be coming home from hospital and we need to create a "clean" environment...three children under 5....??
How can this work, we need some help.


  • truejoy8
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    Wow, that's gonna be a little tough with three small children but it can work. Best place to start is to creat a "Clean Room". One room in the house that is sanitary and clean all the time for him to sleep in ect... I'd tell the kids that they aren't allowed to play in there so that they won't expose him to too many germs or track in dirt.

    I had a bone marrow transplant so I had to be super super carefull about cleanliness and germ. I don't know how far you have to go though. What I did was aside from my clean room I had one spot in the living room I sat when I wanted to be with my family or friends. It hada table beside me where I had any medications, throw up bucket, or anythings else I might need. This area where I stayed was cleaned and vacumed regularly. Now, clean though doesn't have to mean clutter free...if you have kids it's impossible to keep their toys from getting all over the place. Just make sure they are germ and mold free. The best investment you can get is a steam cleaner (like Scunci). It'll sanitize almost anything. You can get all the kids toys with it and it has atachments for the sofa's and pillows, ect.
    The only other concern with kids is what to do if one of them gets a cold. You should probably try and keep that child away from your son-in-law for a while. Him in his clean room and the child in their room.
    Well that's all I can think of right now. Good luck to you and feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

  • AlloMan
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    Make sure the kids, and everyone else in the house, frequently washes their hands. Use paper towels, instead of cotton ones, to dry off.

    If it's warm enough, have your son-in-law get outside and away from the house for a while. Keep disposable cleaning wipes handy (Clorox and I think Lysol makes them) and use them frequently on stuff he may touch (phones, remotes, etc). Your son-in-law will also have to train himself on keeping his hands away from his face.

    He needs a clean house, not an operating room. His system will get better over time and his immune system will recover.
  • the other two posts gave great advice. i can just add a bit and reitterate some...a 'clean room' would be good if that's possible. a room where the kids don't go. everyone should wash hands frequently. wipe things down with the clorox wipes pretty frequently. the hand wipes work well, but also you can get the hand sanitizers which is like a lotion you can just rub in your hands. most of all, i would say to not stress about the clean too much..stressing about it only makes things worse. if someone is sick, then they should avoid him...or if you think someone might be, gloves and a mask for him are always a good way to be overly cautious.
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    Great advice from all the above. My addition would be about the toilet. During my Stem Cell Transplant it was stressed that after anyone used it they wipe it down with a bleach solution (1/10). Many illnesses, especially from the kids, can be passed through "stuff" that might come in contact with the toilet. I would be good just to wipe countertops, faucets, toilets daily with that stuff.