Question On what looks like Bug Bites On Legs

shiplookout Member Posts: 1
Hi being treated for Hodjkins and have what look like bug bites on my legs, has anyone else had or know of this??


  • truejoy8
    truejoy8 Member Posts: 41
    Is your skin itchy? Sometimes with Hodgkins you get this horrible prickly itch. My arms and legs got little red dots just from me rubbing and scratching them so much. I'd ask your doc about them if I were you.
  • fattima
    fattima Member Posts: 2
    yes! yes! yes! i had the same exact thing all over my legs before i was diagnosed. went to so many docs no one knew what it was until i was diagnosed...its one of the symptoms sweety...good luck
  • hey, one more possibility...when your platelet counts get really low, you get can get red dots all over your body...i used to get then on my legs and pelvic area mostly.