Tsunami Poem !

Lisa Rose
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Tsunami Poem

Mommy! A tsunami! You heard your young child say.
But when you reached to take his hand, your son was washed away.
Mommy! A tsunami! You heard his sister scream.
You tried to run, but couldn't move. You woke. It was a dream.

For us, a figment of our minds while blanketed in bed.
But for those who were swept to sea, this nightmare left them dead.
Did panic fill their final thoughts? I pray they sensed God near.
I hope their death was swift so that they had no time to fear.

So why should we be spared such grief? Do we deserve to live?
But since we dream what others saw, can we do less than give?

For mommies robbed of babies, for husbands who lost wives,
For kids without their moms and dads, for all who have survived,
Let's give help to the homeless, let's fund the food they need,
Let's pray for people we don't know who claim a different creed.

Regardless of religion, let's act on what we see, for God is pleased when we reach out. We are one family.


  • andreae
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    Dear Lisa Rose,

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing. I have not been able to get the tragedy off my mind since it happened.... I cannot even imagine the horror those people have experienced and continue to live. I pray for their comfort, peace and healing and I know the Montreal community, as well as the rest of the world, is reaching out. The Tsunamis certainly put everything in perspective for me... I am warm, fed, safe and loved. I am a very lucky girl. I just hope that further death will be circumscribed and that the world will continue to deliver during this desperate time.
    "How can you expect a man who's warm understand one who's cold".

    While I believe I can not even begin to understand what it's like to be literally ripped away from my loved ones, hungry and lost, it does warm my heart that everyone has responded so generously. Despite all the "bad" we here on the news everyday, the world's efforts have restored my faith in humanity
    Again, thanks for sharing.

    Love and hugs,
  • Kanort
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    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing the touching poem. I can't imagine the grief and emotional toll the ones that survived are experiencing and will experience from now on. May we never forget their pain.

    Thanks again,

  • ron50
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    Hi Lisa,
    A moving epitaph to a terrible event. It seems even closer here in Australia I have not seen any occurrence that has so moved the Australian people, it is so true that the acts of man divide whilst the acts of nature unite. We are not a large country ,around 20 mill, but in the first week the aust public raised 115 mill since then there was a live concert that has raised another 25-30 mill,on mon there was a charity cricket game ,it has raised 15-20 mill,on top of that our government has pledged 1 billion in aid , the chairman of world vision has thanked aust for helping turn a wave of death into a wave of hope.My wife asked me how I felt about the Tsunami and the aid we were giving and I could only say ,What if it were us ,what would we want the world to do for us, I guess Do unto others is still the best recipe for life. Ron.
  • spongebob
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    Lisa -

    That was really nice. Than you for sharing. You're right, we are all one family, regardless of our race, creed, national origin, we're all human-beings.

    May God hold the victims of these natural disasters in his comforting hands.

    - Bob