SpongeBob watch out for Jen

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Good Morning All,
I'm sure you all heard Brad & Jen split. It was just last week when I posted a physic named Sylvia Browne said Jen & Brad will Split and there will be a cure for colon cancer. I know this might sound crazy but if we lose our hope what do we have left?!

I thought I sure warn SpongeBob because I know Jen had a crush on him :) She might start stalking you again.

I'm getting married on October 15th of this year. Maybe I should hold off a bit for Brad ;)

Have a great day everyone!


  • andreae
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    Hi Julie,

    I'm sure SB appreciates the warning:) Congratulations on your wedding! That's awesome news! And I'm sure your Mom is looking forward to it! I just wanted to say how lucky she is to have a daughter like you... You're awesome!

  • spongebob
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    littlejulie -

    Thanks so much for the warning... Jeez, I guess I'll have to go refile that restraining order.

    Congratulations on your wedding! Maybe we'll all have to come and sit on the bride's side wearing our Purple Dinosaur hats and sing the Barney Song - sort of like rehearsal for Andrea's graduation...

    Andrea's right (as usual) your mom is very fortunate - as is your fiance.

    Best wishes for many years of happiness and prosperity.

    - Bob