Arimdex & numb hands?

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A friend of mine doesn't use the internet so I offered to try to get an answer for her. She is a 2 time survivor and was on Tamoxifen for 3 1/2 years. This past August she was switched to Arimidex after developing benign uterine cysts which they think were caused by the Tamoxifen. Just before she was switched from Tamox to Arimidex she had completed physical therapy for a bulging disc in her neck during which time she was having some tingling in her hands though they weren't sure this was connected to the neck problem. At the same time she started on Arimidex she says the tingling got worse AND her hands go numb to the point she can't use them because she can't hold on to anything. They wake her up at night because they feel swollen. She has trouble at times holding anything such as using her hair dryer and she's a nurse and has trouble drawing serum in to needles. I told her you women were very informed and could help her out. Do ANY of you have trouble with numbness in your hands that you feel is DUE TO ARIMIDEX?? Most of us using these drugs (I'm on Femara) have joint and bone pain but the numbness is new to me so I'm hoping some of you might have answers for her. I see below some of you have had numbness as a result of Taxol but it's been almost 4 years since she had chemo. We are looking for any advice you can offer.

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    Gramma, if you look on page 2 here you will see Joint Pain and Arimidex as a topic. I asked this question and several ladies gave some very informative answers. My hands used to get numb and wake me up too but that sort of ended and now the pain and swelling is present. I take an anti-inflammatory twice a day that really helps. Hope this helps.