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anybody have any opinions on IP-6 as a complimentary therapy for semicolons, I took it during chemo, just looking for knowledge.


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    Hey Cheil...what is it???
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    JKendall said:

    Hey Cheil...what is it???

    this is the gist of it,
    Dr. AbulKalam M. Shamsuddin MD, PhD., describes in his book, "IP-6: Nature's Revolutionary Cancer Fighter", the amazing results of his ground-breaking experiments of the last 15 years, as to how the B-vitamin inositol and its derivative inositol hexaphosphate (IP-6) prevent the formation of cancer and even shrink pre-existing experimental cancers. He also describes the many other fascinating health benefits of these natural products. IP-6 and Inositol boost the immune system, help lower cholesterol, prevent kidney stones and the complications of diabetes and sickle cell anemia, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke.


    Dr. AbulKalam M. Shamsuddin MD, PhD, is Professor of Pathology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. Since 1975, he has been researching the processes of cancer formation, cancer prevention and cancer treatment. Inventor of a rapid, simple and inexpensive screening test for colorectal cancer, he is also the pioneering scientist who demonstrated the immune-enhancing and anti-cancer actions of IP-6 & Inositol, for which he was awarded the US patent #5,082,833.


    First performed in Dr. Shamsuddin's laboratory, experiments on the anti-cancer action of IP-6 and Inositol have been subsequently reproduced and extended by scientists around the world, reconfirming these fascinating findings. Inositol and IP-6, and the other inositol phosphates i.e. IP-1, IP-2, IP-3, IP-4, IP-5 are normally present in all mammalian cells.

    IP-3 is a key molecule responsible for cellular signal transduction, controlling vital functions including cell proliferation and differentiation. IP-6 can lose one or more phosphate (P) while inositol can gain them. Thus the combination of IP-6 and Inositol could yield more of the crucial IP-3.

    The theory is, since:

    all cancers, irrespective of their type and origin have a common defect of uncontrolled cell proliferation,

    IP-3 is a key regulator of cell growth, and

    IP-6 & Inositol yield IP-3.
    Therefore, IP-6 and Inositol should be effective against many different types of cancers, and across species.

    sorry its so long, thanks, cheil.
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    If you word search "IP6" you will find a description
    of these supplements. Nanuk