Happy Anniversary to me!!!

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I just received the results of my CAT scan and I'm still cancer free. Happy 2 year anniversary to me!!! Age 43, NSCLC Stage IIIB, DX 12/23/02, Right Pneumonectomy 01/15/03. Have a great day everyone!!!


  • DoubleKnot
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    Hello jalexander,

    CONGRATULATIONS, AND KEEP THOSE "ALL CLEAR" REPORTS COMING FOR YOU. I am so very happy for you! Yes, it is a day to be celebrated. Take care and the BEST of luck to you!

  • MrsC
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    Congratulations indeed! Happy 2 years..!
  • glasgowcelt
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    I hope everything goes well for you. did you try any non conventional treatments? my mum is taking ip6, carctol and fruitforce which are all preventative. she too is doing well with the treatments and is very positive

    good luck with everything you do and with your health
  • Plymouthean
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    May I add my Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you! What wonderful news! And welcome to the ranks of those of us who are making the transition from patient to supporter. Keep the good news coming!
  • autumn64
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    Woo HOO congrats... I am 2+ years clear too.. had right top lobectomy in Nov. 02 and all is good! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news... Hugs Lana1103