Blood in urine

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I was diagnosed two years ago and had two tumors removed (Stage 1 TIS). I have been scoped every three months since with no reoccurance. I have had slight burning and occasional blood (small amount of blood sometimes for a couple of days and then not another oocurance for months) since tumors were removed. Dr. says all is ok. Any similar experiences.



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    I was diagnosed December 2003 and had three tumors removed, two cancer. In January an oncologist "scraped" around the tumors and said I was cancer free. Cystoscopes every three months - last Dec. 14 showed no cancer. I have had no blood or cancer cells in urine.
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    I would definitely be concerned if you are showing any blood and probably get another opinion.
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    I don't know if it's possible to have asymptomatic blood in your urine but in addition to advising you to get a second opinion, I'd suggest that you see a urologist/oncologist and go to a major medical center. I can't say that my doing that has saved my life but I think it's going to save my bladder.
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    Please do not put it off any longer and make an appt. with a Urologist/Oncologist as soon as possible. If my husband had of done that, maybe he wouldn't have his bladder/prostrate removed because of cancer. You are the only one that can do something about it and to get the answers. My husband had been passing blood (according to him) for 4 months but didn't say one word about it. I am sorry, but my feeling is "Play it safe NOW and get it checked by a specialist!" Don't assume that it is a kidney/bladder infection as my husband thought. Now he is paying the price for waiting too long. Good luck to you.

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    Please see another urologist/oncologist. This past July I had my bladder removed along with my prostrate. The operation was successful. I went to USC cancer center. My Doctor is the head of Urology and a leading expert in this field. His process is to build a new bladder using your lower intestine. Perhaps your age is of concern in having your prostrate removed. You can always have a penile pump installed. This procedure allows you to urinate just as in the past. The only thing is that you have to train yourself to use your muscles to control your bladder. Its not a simple operation but when conducted by an expert it is relatively routine. Mr. Doctor is a David Skinner at USC. This all started with blood in my urine. It was misdiagnosed as kidney stones for roughly four months. A second opinion helped save my life.
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    was diagnosed 26 years ago, have had at least 65 cyctoscops and many reoccurences I accept the fact that i need to keep following up with this so now i no longer worry about it