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Has anyone had their Hodgkins treatments of ABVD shortened related to normal ct scans? My oncologist said that she will shorten the chemo and give 2 cycles more after a 'clean' ct scan. What do you think about this? I will be following up with radiation and have a pet scan as well. I am a stage 4AX (Bulky) initially


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    I had my ABVD chemo shortened from 6 cycles to 4 (12 to 8 individual treatments)based on CT scans and Gallium and PET scans that showed no more Hodgkins cells. I was so happy that I didn't have to have the additional 4 chemos..

    so it's possible to have the chemos shortened... but my advice is prepare for the full length of the treatment and hope for the best.

    take good care of yourself, mentally and physically! good luck!

  • i guess it just depends, but i have heard that if they were originally going to give you 6 cycles, that they should give you all 6 no matter if your scans half way through look better. i guess it's just the safest way...to try to kill all the cancerous cells that they can, even if ct's show improvement. but since you are going to get rad's then that may make the difference. i didn't get rad's, just chemo.
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    Yes, my dad was scheduled to have 12 ABVD treatments, I was against it from the beginning, I felt it was far too much chemo for Stage IIA non bulky. My dad ended up having 8 treatments and 17 radiation treatments. It sounds like you have a great Oncologist. Sometimes when they shorten the chemo, they'll add in radiation for insurance, We were told that the radiation would lower the relapse rate even more. My dad did pretty well with the radiation, he did have a sore throat and did lose some of his taste, but his tastebuds took about 4 months to regenerate.
    God Bless and hope all goes well. It sounds like very positive news to me. The Oncologist know there stuff.
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    I was diagnosed with stage 4b 11/03/2003, I had CT and PET scan prior to treatment starting. On 1/29/04, my PET scan was clear. No evidence of active disease. My Oncologist decided to finish all 12 ABVD, and i had no radiation. His rationale was that the chemo was working, and why put me through radiation, which can cause other cancers years from now, if i don't have to. I finished chemo 4/30/2004, had another PET scan 11/2/2004, and continue to be in remission. Good Luck