"healing hands"

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Friends--may I take a moment here--indulge me please.
All join hands to pray for a neighbours, friends and tourists so sadly afflicted by the recent tsunami in south east asia.
"for those of us who are more fortunate we pray for our friends in India, Shri-lanka and Indonesia and may they know our thoughts are with them"


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    amen. Judy
  • nanuk
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    but for circumstances, there go you or I; I'll pray with you, Kanga. Bud
  • spongebob
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    Kanga -

    I'm there, too. Just don't make me have to join hands with AssP (you never know what sort of "residue" may be on them)

    - SB
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    The circle is now bigger as I join you. They will need our prayers and support for many years to come.

  • 2bhealed
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    count me in kanga...

    As I was logging in this morning I was just thinking how no one had mentioned the tsunami and it's all I have been watching on TV and I cannot stop praying for everyone there. I am so glad you posted something. If you hadn't, I was because this board has an army of prayer warriors and I was hoping they were being activated.

    This tsunami catastrophe is more than we can possibly fathom....it really puts things in perspective....again....how petty things are just not worth our energy.

    thanks kanga.

    peace, emily
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    I add my hands to the prayer circle too. May all those affected be touched be the loving hands of God.
  • aspaysia
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    spongebob said:

    Kanga -

    I'm there, too. Just don't make me have to join hands with AssP (you never know what sort of "residue" may be on them)

    - SB

    All joking aside my sister got a post card from my daughter. Her teaching contract (English) is over and she is on some island in the Gulf of Thailand. She is planning to travel around Cambodia and India for the next six months. Why not go to Iraq while you are touring the world's hot spots? I don't know how she can stay in that region with all the devastation. It is rather unseemly to vacation in a place like that. La di da. That's my girl.
    And I am still waiting for my card.
    Aspaysia, wondering where she went wrong.