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I am 2 1/2 yrs out from diagnosis and right before Thanksgiving I started having problems with my arm swelling. The drs thought it might just be from an infection but after 2 rounds of antibiotics the swelling hasn't changed. I am suprised that lymphedema is just now occuring. Has anyone else experienced this type of delay before this occurred?


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    The scarry thing about lymphedema is that it can occur anywhere from one month to 15 years after surgery. Those of us who had axillary node dissections are at a greater risk than those with sentinal node and the risk increases if you've had radiation. Infections can set it off but it can be something as simple as a mosquito bite or using the arm to lift heavy objects or flying in an airplane without a compression sleeve. I have friends who developed it several years after their surgery and have no idea what caused it. There are therapies that are pretty successful. Make sure if you're sent to a physical therapist it's one who specializes in lymphedema. Good luck.
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    Hi Blossom, I have had a small amount of swelling after 2 years. My Onco sent me to a lymphedema specialsit where they taught me to wrap my arm with several different sizes (widths) of elastic bandage, at bedtime. They had a pump that was used for gals with greater amount of swelling and that gave these women good results. I don't wrap my arm everynight as I ahould and my arm seems to hold some fluid in the underarm. Don't wait to ask for therapy...go right away. Hugs, Nan
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    Hello there,
    I actually started with Lymphedema early..about 2 months after my surgery. But...I have heard that it CAN occur at any time..due to the circumstances. Hope you get a handle on it. God Bless.
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    Yes I have had trouble with lymphedema on my right arm and hand and a friend of mine that lives in Albuqerque N.M taught me to take hand lotion put the hand lotion on your hand and arm and message your hand and arm all the way upward towards your shoulder also drink fiber because what we have in our system that gives us lymphedema is waste .