How long should he feel exhausted!?!?

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My father had his right kidney removed in July after a 6 cm tumor was hopes that the surgery would have stopped the diagnosed renal cancer from spreading. Sadly, it was found to have spread to his lungs. In preperation for IL-2 treatment, he had a full body scan done, where the doctors found several small lesions on the brain. He underwent whole brain radiation treatment the last few weeks of November, to take care of the brain lesions before starting any treatment for the lungs. He is about to go back for another scan to see what the results show...

My question long should he feel absolutely exhausted?? He has to work up the energy to get up from his recliner and walk to the bedroom to lay down. :( The doctor told him that this should last for a couple weeks...but it's been longer than that, and he seems to be getting worse, not better. My father is 60 years old.

Can anyone who's gone through this or known someone going through it reassure me that this is just the way the body is working through this? We're all very concerned...

Thanks in advance for any advice...



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    K, go down about four threads, where it says Stage IV RCC
    I replied to that, about my mom who had what your dad had. My mom survived, after metastasis to lung, and I tell about it in that reply. Instead of IL, my mom had Interferon.