Bruising while on Tamoxifen/and rash under arm

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Does anyone know if increased bruising is a concern on Tamoxifen; (I've been on it 4 months) I have 2 large bruises that showed up yesterday, one on my leg, and one on my arm, and I don't even remember bumping myself. Is this common, or is this something to report? Also, I have a rash under my arm along area that was subject to radiation. Looks like prickly heat - raised bumps, doesn't itch. I noticed it a few weeks ago, only a few bumps, but now there are quite a few more. See onco Dr in a month. Anyone see this before? I tend to think it is a post-radiation thing, but will call radiation oncologist tommorrow.....P.s.. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas holiday yesterday, and I extend my wish for a Happy and HEALTHY new year to all on the site...!


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    Hi chessie:

    Increased/unusual bruising is a concern regardless of what drug one may be taking. My advice is to call your onc. now to have what's going on assessed. Any unusual bruising or rashes should always be looked at right away.

    Just guessing that the rash could be any number of things. Irritation from soaps, deodorants, shaving, etc.. Keep in mind that the irradiated skin could remain sensitive for quite some time and may require special attention.

    The bruising, in my thinking, is of greater concern and I wouldn't wait a month to have onc. check it out. Your counts should be checked asap and proceed from there. Sometimes we bump ourselves and don't even really register it and that could be all it is but it's wise to get to the bottom of it.

    Keep us posted and enjoy the New Year!

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Chessie, interestingly enough, I have also noticed a bit more bruising than normal on my legs since I started on tamoxifen a couple of months ago. AND, I developed a rash (raised bumps, but unlike you, itchy) on my legs a week ago. As of today the rash has started to clear up, so that is good. I have not been exposed to anything different in my life, so the only thing I can equate it to is the tamoxifen. The bruising may just be from the "holiday rush" of shopping and bumping! However, I have an onc appointment soon, and will discuss at that time as they both should be reported. I agree with Ink to contact your doctor sooner than a month away to make sure all is well.

    Wishes for a safe, happy, healthy New Year....