Survivor Stories

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Is there anyone out there that has cancer stories of how they faught to win there battle? It would encourage my friends mother. Thank you.


  • michaelcie
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    Dear Taylor, just start scrolling, there are soooo many here , winning the battle and fighting. Hope this helps and take care, Mike
  • Plymouthean
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    Hi, I'm a 3 year lung cancer survivor. I was diagnosed as incurable and inoperative. With chemo and radiation, followed by surgery, I am still here, living life to the fullest! This illness is beatable. It takes determination, patience and a positive attitude. Today's healthcare providers are good at what they do. The patient should get involved and ask questions. Do a lot of research. I feel that the better the patient understands the disease and the treatments, the better he/she deals with it. I agree with Michaelcie, - Look around this website. There are many stories of success here. Tell your friend's mom that we're all in her corner, rooting for her.