For the Most Part A Good Update

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Hi all you guys and gals:

First, thank you for the bottom of my heart for your prayers and positive wishes for the results of my mom's latest tests which we received December 17, 2004. I am so sorry that I have not been able to post sooner but I have been so busy this weekend with so many Holiday functions to attend and my computer has been on the "fritz" not allowing me to access the Web that today, at work, is really the first opportunity I have had to even check the board.

So, on to the update. For now, mom remains STABLE!!!! There is a new nodule...right where the other ones still are, that is approximately the size of a nickle. The onc is not to concerned at this point since the old nodules (the two that are left from the original five) have not shown any increase in size or activity. The doc said that if it were anything really bad she wouldn't beat around the bush but tell us. Nevertheless, full CT/PET will be done in six weeks and follow-up visit with doc the following week. She reiterated to both my mom and me not to stress about this developement. That if we remembered, there were two enlarged lymph nodes present in my mom's abdomen at the last scan that weren't there on the previous scan and are gone again on this scan therefore, this new little nodule could really be nothing. It appears my mom has a history of things showing up and then going away. We all hope that that it is God's will that this is exactly what is going on now. In the meantime, we wait and see. Other than that, everything looks real sign of other spread or activity. We are, needless to say, very happy with this report. Mom has now continued to beat lung cancer for 2 1/2 years....a true blessing.

I do not know when I will have time to post again, being my computer has to be fixed first and I'm on a part time schedule here at work this week, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy, happy Holidays, and God's blessing on us all for the new year.

Bert and Monika who have become such social butterflies their wings are tired from flapping :)


  • alihamilton
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    That is good news, Monika! I was wondering why we had not heard from you. Your Mum is amazing and an inspiration to everyone on the boards!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
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    That's great news Monika!!!! happy holidays for you and your family also. Jimmy