Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Update

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Hi All,

I received word late Friday night that Dr. Sugarbaker, the surgeon in Washington who does the cytoreduction surgery for peritoneal carcinomatosis, has decided that I am a good candidate for the surgery and he will perform it on Feb. 7 or sooner if he can find a date.

I am thrilled!!! To put it mildly!! I will never believe that this disease is stronger than my will, never...and now I am that much closer to making that a reality.

I hope each and every one of us has a happy and healthy holiday and a fantastic new year!

Best wishes all,



  • jana11
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    HURRAY.... any drop of hope is gladly accepted!! Hope your holidays are wonderful!!!

    Hang in there. jana
  • kerry
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    I know that it is a relief to finally be taking some action. Contratulations! The will to fight is stronger than this disease. I am also fighting my second round and I can't imagine that it will get the best of me. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.

    Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season and may your New Year be filled with a healthy recovery.

  • Right on!!!! Way to go!!!! Life is good!!!!

    Hugs and smiles,
  • taunya
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    Hooray Lisa!!!!!! Great news! I am so glad to hear that you are positive and strong. I wish you and your family a Happy Healthy Holiday and great things in the new year.
    Love and Hugs,
  • jsabol
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    Great news; you go for it! Judy
  • livin
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    Hi Lisa, Iam glad to hear the good news. You are right never ever give up where's there is a will there is a way. You go for it. Livin
  • JKendall
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    Great news Lisa!!! Enjoy the holidays with a warm heart and an energetic soul. Jimmy
  • Kanort
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    Dear Lisa,

    I was very saddened to read of your latest struggles. I am thrilled that Dr. Sugarbaker deems you a good canidate for the surgery. Your attitude and spirit sound great. I'll be praying for you.


  • 2bhealed
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    YOU GO GIRL!!!

    merry christmas.

    and here's to a better new year!

    peace on earth, emily