finished chemo last year and still find that I still get tired real easy

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Hello I haven't been on line in a while .I finihsed my chemo treatments last year and find out that I still get tired real easy is that normal. My Chemo doctor in Elpaso said to exersize but I find out that I still stay tired.


  • newboobs
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    Hi Marilyn - I finished chemo in Feb. of 02 and I still have some fatigue. Exercise and eating right will definitely help. There are just some days that I'm "slow," so I just take it easy that day. It also helps me to do some some fun things that make me smile. Good luck and prayers to you.
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    Hi Marilyn,
    I finished chemo setember 2003 and rads 12/30/03 and this past year 2004, I noticed that I still get tired. I don't wake up tired but by the end of the day, I am bushed!!
    Take care,
  • ptlady
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    Hi, I also finished chemo Oct. 2003. But find I still get tired. It seems to have gotten better recently. THe doctor told me also that I may be one who it just takes longer to get over it. I do excercise at least 3 days a week by walking 3-4 miles in an hour. I also play 18 holes of golf 2 days a week. So hang in there and just try a little more excercise each day.