2nd young survivors chat-time/date

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I am disapointed of the results of the young survivors chat on thu. other then carrison and I no one came. many voiced how they wanted a chat before christmas and during the holidays right now. I sent e-mails to many users I got off this board and not a single person responded. I would appreciate if people would respond if they plan or do not plan on attending this one. If no one plans on coming I will not hold it because I wont bother to waste my time letting everyone know about this. I will just stop these chats if this continues.... let me know if u ARE going to attend.....



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    I am sorry, If you sent me an e-mail it did not work because I was checking. I would like to attend tomorrow, but it is a bad time for me. When it is 7 EST it is 3pm here. Please let me know if it is still happening and I will try to make a point of being there.
    Thanks, Susan
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    Hey Young Chatters!
    Well, I will try my best to make it but like Susan mentioned, here in California at 4pm (west) it is 3 hours difference. Well, take care and God bless!
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