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WEll I came here a few weeks ago to find out what I could about what my mom might have, took her on Monday for a second opinion, come to find out the drs. we had been going to since March have been treating the wrong cnacer. This new onc. could tell just by the pathology report. I can honestly say I wasn't as shocked as everybody else, I should have followed my feelings months ago, but I was so scared as glad they were treating something and mom was feeling better that I took the Drs at their word instead of going after what I thought. I was so afraid of news worse then what we were dealing with, I liked the we can treat it and put it in remission answer I was getting only to find out after 7 months of treatments, being sick and losing her hair we haven't accomplished anything, only a terrible surgery and recovery to treat it wrong and let it come back. needless to say I have lost most faith in the medical profession. Hopefully this one will be better. The ok news is that we are on the right track now, on xeloda, which is where we hould have been from the start, some sort of fu5 treatment not treatments for ovarian cancer... I just hope it isn't too late for her. Still no definate primary but this new dr, without seeing any scans only a pathology and oprative report we had, nothing we requested was sent to him, believes we have either a stomach or small bowel primary. Since it is a mucinous form he said it may or may not show up hot on a pet scan so our insurance probably won't pay for one... here we go again. Good thing is mom is woking, getting ready for Christmas and not ready to throw in the towel. mad as heck for all she went through pretty much for nothing but never ready to give up. Just got a new kitten for christmas..thats a good thing. Well thanks for listening hope we didn't hurt her too bad by not getting a second opinion right a way.. It is in gods hands as always, hopefully he will let her here with us for a while yet. take care

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    I am so glad to hear that things are back on track for your Mom. I knew you guys would find a way. I am sure that things will be better now. Keep the faith though'cause you will need it. I think some Docs are very good. There is an interesting article about the caliber of Docs in this weeks New Yorker. Hang in there.
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    I was dx.with stage 4 invasive mucinous adenocarcimoma in Aug.2003. I had hx.of severe endometriosis for 7yrs resulting in a total hysterectomy in 1999. I kept on complaing to the Drs.I thought this stuff was back. I had bloating and pain and then I saw blood in July 2003.I went to the DR.took 2 months to get a colonoscopy. I live on Long Island.After the colonoscopy the DR.thought it was Chrohn's. However he was shocked of the pathology report.I took my reports could not get into SLoan kettering as the catscan showed the tumor was huge ad had to be removed at once.They had no appts. until sept.2003. I went to MOunt Sinai medical center in where I had my surgery. I ended up with an illeostomy on the right side and a mucous fistula on the left.Many complications after surgery.I did not know about mucinous adenocarcinoma until recently from what I read it is a very aggresive cancer. THe drs. never told me what kind it was. Just that i have to go for chemo and radiation that is the next step. You must be very knowledeable about this type of cancer. I finally found some answers from your message that this cannot be detected through petscans and MRI etc. I had this gut feeling long before you posted this message. I hope your mom is alright and getting the treatment that she needs. The medical field is very discouraging and frightful. It is amazing how many mistakes are made. As a result of it I am
    trying to get help just to cope with all this stuff. The bottom line is you know when something is just not right by the way you feel. I knew something was wrong but the test were inconclusive until it was too late. They kept telling me it was an internal hemmorid.