xmas greetings

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Hullo dear friends--and I do not say that lightly! I am sorry for not posting lately but most of you know I have been awol working with my son the past 2 weeks. I will be away until xmas eve.(I may get here tomorrow)
So it is time for me to express my feelings to you all.
Jen and I are TRULY thankfull to have such wonderfull friends. Your support throughout the past 12 months has touched us both. There are no words to make you ALL understand how very greatfull we are. Each of us, cancer sufferers and carers alike as we know have our world fall apart and then we, thru friends such as you, manage to gather up the pieces and try to build that bridge to cross over. Understanding is a part of our lives and we, all of us dealing with this disease seek the ability to explain all of our thoughts, worries, fears, anger--oh--it is so difficult to understand the whys?
From both Jen and myself we wish you all a very happy xmas and know that for some it will be a difficult time. Know that we care, we are thinking of you all--not a second goes by that I do not have our friends here on my mind. I say that with all the sincerity I can communicate to you.
We truly hope that 2005 offers a better year for you all.
We are humbled to know you--sadly not in person as that is not possible--but nonetheless we do feel very, very proud to have you as friends. Be safe and if I am not able to be here the next 2 evenings please forgive me.
Ross and Jen


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    i sat here and cried as i read your post. thank you so very much for your blessings to us all. This past year has been an extremely difficult one for myself and my family, but of course more so for my daddy who was given the diagnosis of stage 3 colon ca. I too am so very very grateful for all you wonderful people here. God bless you all and I too hope and pray that 2005 is a joyous year for everyone.

    Thanks again Ross and may you and Jen have a blessed holiday season.

    With Love,

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    Ross and Jen,

    Am too is previlige and thankful to have found this web site. Whenever my tank is feeling empty all I need to do is come to this well and draw from it. I count my blessing everyday and ALL of you are a big part of it.
    Each day a battle, each day a victory. I thank my Old Man up there everyday for daily victory. Because of Him, everything works together for good (for all)
    LiveSTRONG, Be healthy, Be merry, Be well, Give thanks, Give love, Simply give, this Holiday Season and beyond!

    From across the miles,

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    Thank you for the Christmas message. It warms my heart to see those feelings in print. Know that I feel the same and I love every one of you as if we had been friends for years. I understand and empathize and I am proud when you take a step forward. Our victories over this disease are victories for each other as well. Love and Kindest thoughts to you, Ross and you, Jen.
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    Hi Ross and Jen,
    I'm thankful to have met friends like you and all the others here, too. Just one of the many positive ways in which having this disease has touched my life. Blessings to us all, Judy
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    thanks Kanga & Jen: this site has helped me through
    many alone times when CSN was my only window-I have been changed by this disease, and more by the CSN family;
    is in the ordinary

    in one's daily life

    in friends, family, neighbors

    in one's own backyard..

    author unknown

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    Thank you for the message, Ross. I can only agree with you about how grateful my wife and I are to have had this ste to turn to during what has been the hardest year of our lives. It has saved our sanity on more than one occasion.

    As a fellow anitpodean I am missing the warm weather down under and stuggling with the cold up here int he UK. Slap an extra prawn on the barbie for us and we will drink a toast to you both at Christmas,

    Enjoy the festivities,

  • Kanga, you have such a beautiful way with words. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and may God's blessings abound in 2005.

    Much love and hugs to you too dear friend,
    Bert & Monika