lupron yes or no?

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It has been suggested that I take tamoxifin and lupron. I am 34 years old and would still like to have children. Lupron will not allow this...
Anyone with experience on this issue?


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    Hi Kimberly, It's curious your doctor would suggest Lupron and not put you on one of the aromatase inhibitors that have proven much better at stopping a recurrance. Tamoxifen is actually intended for premenopausal women. Lupron isn't necessary for Tamoxifen, but it would be for Arimidex or Femara. The good thing about Lupron is that once you're off of it, your ovaries will go back to functioning normally. That would be five years down the road and you'd only be 39. Have you ask your doctor why he wants you to do the Lupron injections?
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    Hi Kimberly. I'm curious as well why they would pair up tamoxifen and lupron. I was on tamoxifen and after 13 months of not having a period, switched to Arimidex. Two months later my period returned. Docs said I could go back to tamoxifen OR take lupron shots and stay on the arimidex. I have kind of stalled making a decision, which may work out in my favor. I have only had one other period since and nothing for the last two months! Anyway, I would certainly find out the docs reasoning for the suggestion. Also, have you asked their opinion about the risks of a pregnancy in your case?
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    Hi Kimberly -- I had lupron shots when I started chemo and for 2 yrs. There is a high success rate in preserving fertlity in women in treatment with the lupron. I was one of the first women to try it. I am currently on TAM and only have 2 more years to go. I figure that I did what I could to try to have a baby one day and if it's meant to be, it will all work out.

    Lupron isn't too bad, I had hotflashes a little bit with it, but not really bad. Good Luck to you. You can also find info on

    Hugs for a baby one day!!