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I am a single Grandma raising my 5 year old Grandson. My daughter has just been diagnoised with Stage 4 cancer. It is in her blood, in her bones, and she only has been given a few weeks to live. I would like to surprise her with some holiday cards. She has a very small family, and I think the cards would bring a smile to her face. She is married and in her 40's but has no children. I am one of her primary care-givers and am trying to make her last Christmas a great one. The cards can be mailed to
Peggy Magg i/c/o Brigitte Ollendick
351-74th Ave.
Fridley, MN 55432.
I would like to get a big basket together to give to her.
Thank you for your support!


  • tnash
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    I just wanted to let you know that my Sister passed away this past Saturday. If any of you sent cards, thank you for the happiness you gave her before she passed! Our family appreciates it soo much!
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    so sorry for your loss. peggy was lucky to have such a caring sister whom she'll be watching over all the days of your life.
    god bless. charlene