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The hospice nurse called today, first call I've gotten from her....we just found out about my mom's cancer last week. But she said she doubts that my mom will last through the first of January. So far, I have been pretty alright, but, today was so very hard. I want my mother to have some peace and to leave this world with dignity and a sense of it being okay with me that she does leave me. Mom doesn't want us to come and see her. She weighs less than 80 pounds now, and they tell me that she doesn't look like her, and she doesn't want us to see her. She doens't want our kids to see her this way. Basically, she wants us to remember her the way she was. I guess this was the hardest thing to hear. Even t hough I can't go running down there it's 200 miles, and we have no money available for a trip of 400 miles. I am ready to say goodbye,etc.

Just needed to talk....no needs for replies.


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    Hello Cobismom,

    I too lost my wonderful Mom, so I know what you are going through. The bond between a Mother and child do not end at death, it goes on forever. When my Mom died, I also lost my best friend. Before my Mom died, she looked me straight in the eyes and said "Honey, there are such things as Guardian Angels and I am going to be YOUR Guardian Angel". With the help of hospice, Mom died in peace and the smile that I saw on her face during the time that I saw her, was the most wonderful happy smile like I had never seen before, because she had told me that she had seen Jesus twice. No, she wasn't alone. A dear friend of hers that had died before her, was with her also. She told both that woman's relatives and me that their Mom was there with her right at that moment. It gave them a real sense of joy also, to know that the woman's Mom was with MY Mom when it came time for her to go to Heaven. Yes, I miss her and I always will, but she is at peace and I would never wish her back here. She earned those Angel Wings and Halo here on earth!! May your Mom rest in peace and I hope that you realize that you too have your own Guardian Angel, your Mom. Let that give you peace of mind please. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.