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Well, guys, guess what???? No more cathether!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!! I'm having problems requlating it, but doctor said after having it almost seven months that that is normal. Have to wear a diaper at night, no control then at all. Its working a little better during the day, each day that goes by. Only thing now is that my bottom is bleeding pretty bad. It was almost healed, but I think when they put me in the stirrups to do the cystoscopy that they opened it up again. I go to surgeon on Wednesday and he will have to check and see if it's healed. Chemo doctor said they can't start chemo until it is. So, I don't know what will happen then. Thanks for all your prayers. I am just happy to have that stupid cathether out. Best Christmas present I could get. Lifted my spirits that something went right for a change. Makes me wonder if I'd had this urologist 3 months ago, if it have been out sooner. Thank God my insurance wouldn't pay for the first urologist and I had to change. God does work in mysterious ways. Love ya all and sorry haven't been on much. So busy and having computer problems too. Had to run recovery disk and 9.0 disk, twice this week. Lost all my pictures I had on here. Boo hoo!! Talk to you all soon. Hope everyone is doing well.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


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    Judy -

    YEAAAAAAH! So glad you got that Foley out!! Things seem to be looking up for you!

    Keep moving in that direction!!


    - SpongeBob
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    Hi Judy, So glad to hear cath out.Things take time as we all know Good things come to those who wait. I am so happy for you. I hope everything else goes well. Livin
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    Great husband had a catheter in for nearly a year.....he got back control quite quickly so I am sure you will too. It is amazing how our bodies get back into working order.
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    Happy no-catheter Christmas.. Bud
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    A catheter free Christmas- what more could a girl want. Fabulous news! Lets hope the new year continues to bring improvements to you- you deserve it!
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    JUDY!!!! You finally got great news!!! i was very happy to read this posting!
  • Way to go Judy. You're on a roll. It's going to be good news from here on.

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    That IS good news, Judy, and about time you catch a break. Keep the good news coming.
    the other Judy
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    JUDY! That is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! Enjoy your freedom, it is well-deserved. You were long overdue for some good news.