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Still new to this site.I am very pleased to be able to relate feelings,depression and fears with
all who are going through this. I was dx.with locally advanced stage4 mucinous adenocarcinmoa in Aug.2003.8/20 lymph nodes,multiple metasitic tumors. Came out of the cecum and connected to the sigmoid colon through a fistula. The pathology report clearly stated infiltrating metastaic mucionous carcinoma. I have read that this type of cancer is very aggresive and hard to treat. I had radiation and chemo.My chemo was Cpt11,5Fu and lecovorin. I finished my chemo in June 2004.They were giving me procrit shots. I now have red blood cell aplasia where my bone marrow is not making red blood cells.Another battle. In Oct.2004 I had pressure on my right lower rectum. I told my oncologist, where I was sent for a petscan which was negative. The pressure has subsided however I now have right pelvis pain which extends to the back on movement.
I just had an Mri of the pelvis with contrast on friday and am awaiting results. My oncologist thinks this is musculular/skeletel related. My gut
feeling is it is not. You know yor own body and feelings. I clearly feel there is something very wrong.Since the tumor started on that side and part was left on the right uterer tube and radiated I feel it has come back. Has anybody out there had mucinous adenocarcinoma and know of the
fast aggression of this type of cancer?


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    Sent you a note to your csn e-mail box.

    Be well.

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    I just wanted you to know that there was another case of this posted not too long ago - joenlisa...
    You can look back throught the old postings. Maybe you can e-mail her (Lisa) and share some information. As I recall it was her mother who was the patient and she was the caregiver. Anyway, it might be you helping them.
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    My cancer wasn't mucinous but all rectal and bowel cancers carry teh significant risk of recurrence no matter what the stage. We all live with this fear and for many of us controlling that fear is one of the hardest aspects of having this illness.

    One of the worst things is having symptoms where the temptation is to interpret them as recurrence. You are right in being cautious and vigilant but you also need to keep things in perspective and put your faith in your doctors. They sound like they are taking your symptoms very seriously and are investigating them actively. If they do come back negative take that as the fabulous news it is which will hopefully allow yo to get on with other aspects of your life. this illness is so far reaching it does interfere with our lives in so many ways but part of that is under our own control. Not allowing it to dominate is important.

    Please don't think I am not taking your complaints seriously as we all know being vigilant for recurrence and active in pursuing their investigation is vital but it si also important to continue to live despite all of this.
    I hope this makes sense and do let us know how things go,
  • I really cannot comment very much on the nature of your diagnosis but I would like to tell you to please don't jump to conclusions. One of the things I've learned since my husband's diagnosis July 2003 is not to associate every new pain that he experiences with a cancer recurrence. Oh believe me, it took some time and a lot of doing on my part, but in the long run, it stopped my ulcers from becomming an absolutely nightmare as a result of the endless worrying. That doesn't mean I don't still worry...I do...there isn't one day that doesn't go by where I don't think about his cancer and the possibility of recurrence, but I just pray real hard that it won't, stay in the positive that it won't, and do what I have to do.

    I truly only mean it well....please don't diagnose yourself (it's so easy to do). Wait for the results and then proceeds. Doctors tend to level with patients these days so maybe your doctor is correct.

    Lots of hugs,