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Hi all, I'm having the cystoscopy tomorrow at 8am. They will put me to sleep to do this. I have had this cathether since I had my cancer surgery on May 20th, so you can see it's been a long road. If they could take this out and I'd work right, it would be the best Christmas present I could get. Please say a prayer for me. I know I don't post much now, but I'm still saying daily prayers for you all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


  • alihamilton
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    If they can take out that wretched catheter, I am sure your life will be so much better....good luck! Praying for you of course.
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    Finger crossed for you tomorrow- let us now how things go and even if you don't get your catheter out it iwll be good that they have had a look and can decide on a plan of how to address you bladder problems- each step forward is a step towards getting your life back.
    Best of luck,
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    Judy -

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you can lose that wretched bag. How are you feeling otherwise? How goes hubby's job search? How are your spirits?

    Keeping you in my daily thoughts and prayers, Judy

    - SpongeBob
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    Dear Judy,

    I truly do not know how you have been able to deal with the catheter. I would have gone insane by, I don't know, DAY 2! I am hoping, hoping, hoping that they will be able to remove it. Hang in there.

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    Hi Judy I hope everything goes well tomorrow so you can get that cath. out. Best of luck Livin
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    Hi Judy,
    Good luck to you tomorrow. Your strength through this has been amazing; prayers coming your way. the other Judy
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    jsabol said:

    Hi Judy,
    Good luck to you tomorrow. Your strength through this has been amazing; prayers coming your way. the other Judy

    Judy!!--you must have one helluva consitution gal--I would have gone nuts by now--you have so much spirit to be able to put up with all this horrid stuff!!
    Jen and I are always thinkin of yah Judy--all our love and we hope you get rid of that gastly thing and get a good report on the colonoscopy.
    luv n big huggs--Ross n Jen
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    So... Judy...

    Add to my other questions one more; How did your test go?
  • taunya
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    Hello Judy,

    I am wondering how your test went. I hope you are well. Sending you good thoughts and prayers,
  • Kanort
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    Hi Judy,

    I hope your test went well and the cathether is out and all is working well. Let us know. We are cheering for you!