swollen lymp glands

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My husband has advanced lung cancer. His left side of the chest and under his arm has within the last 3 weeks swollen up so much that he can't even put his arm down. It is very hard and hot. they say it is hot because the blood vessels are all engorged with fluid. It is only on the side where he has the cancer. It is very painful. All his Dr's say that it is his lympnode system that is not working just on that side. they have given him fluid pills but they haven't worked. Has anyone developed this type of problem and if so how did you get reliefe. Thank you for any help you can give us.


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    Hi Southie
    My cousin has lung cancer and has improved using a product called Immunocal. Try this wsebsite and on the left side of the page under Immunocal click the research tab and check the Medical Research data. Immunocal is in the Physicians Desk Reference Book and is rated GRAS (generally regarded as safe. The product is patented in use for cancer and HIV. here is the site to look into: http://www.immunotec.com/page.asp?intNodeID=458. Contact me if you wish.
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