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A little over a month ago I had my bladder removed due to bladder cancer. I have made three attempts to use the neo bladder on three separate days for about four hours each time. In all cases I was not able to empty my bladder.

My urologist does not want me going more than four hours at a time if I cannot empty my bladder because it puts back pressure on my kidneys. After four hous of trying I revert back to a leg bag using a super pubic tube that was left after surgery for this very purpose.

Does anyone have any advice on how to start using one of these neo bladders? Any tips, techniques, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello txwendt,

    I found this info. that maybe will help you. I sure hope so. I found it on this site. Good luck!


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    I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but let me add my experiece. My fiance was diagnosed with stage 4 BC in July 2002. In Sept, he had surgery and we didn't know going into the surgery whether he'd come out with a bag or a new bladder. We were prepared for an stiomy though. The cancer was muscle invasive, so they removed his bladder, prostate, appendix (because they were there) and 17 lymph nodes. They also removed several feet of instestine &fashioned a new bladder. It's called a neobladder, and was a lot easier to "service" than a bag, and a lot more hygenic. The thing he had to remember was that the bladder was a muscle and he could push to urinate. The intestine is not a muscle, so in order to urinate, he had to press on his lower abdomen to expel the urine. Still easier and cleaner than a bag. The surgeon said the surgery went etremely well and he looked clean, but that they'd test the lymph nodes just to be sure. All 17 of them came back positive. He went through many chemo/rad series, but the cancer had met'd to bone. His femur, chest, spine, clavicle and hips. The choice of the neobladder -vs- the ostomy bag was easy for us because of the appearance, and we were beach people. A bag is hard to hide under swimtrunks. We were very pleased with the results of the neobladder. Unfortunately, his diagnosis was way too late, and he passed away Jan 9th this year. My point is to to a lot of research on the maintenance and servicing of both procedures. Do what's most comfortable for you. Everyone is different, but at least you have a choice! God Bless and good luck.
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    I have had my neo bladder since Feb 2004, unfortunately I was incontinent because my sphincter muscle went so I needed a bladder sling but I now have to self cather each time with very little leakage. Just keep being persistant start every two hours, then go to three hours etc. I still set the alarm and wake up at 2 am. to self cather. How are you doing now?