Mother of new baby...very scared of cancer diagnoses

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Hi everyone:
This is my first time posting on this board. I have had serious problems latelty with no help or direction given to me by doctors. Here is some of my story and the second half is my main concern with cancer:

guess it all started about 6 months ago after I had my son. The first problem I had is that I went to go exercise after I gave birth (about a month later) to take off some of my pregnancy weight, and the very first few seconds I started doing very light aerobics, like walking back and forth, I heard this huge pop. Next thing I know is that I fell to the ground in severe pain. Went to the doctor, due to not being able to walk on my left leg, had an mri and I had torn the ligament on the outside of my knee which had streched and caused my two bones in my knee to contuse. Went through physical therapy and eventually was at least able to walk on it. Now months later, I am still in pain, was sent to an orthopedic surgeon and had another mri done this past friday. Am awaiting to hear results of this.

Next, a few months ago I was diagnosed with thrush. My son was born with it and I developed it from breast feeding, which continued to grow then in my mouth. I was put on 2 rounds of diflucan, and have somewhat felt better since then, but still continue to have numbness in my mouth and lips at times. During the same period, I went to a neuroligist due to tingling in my hands and arms. At times I felt my hands would go numb and I would have severe pain that would last for days. The neuroligist basically said I was probably suffering from anxiety after having a baby and suggested I go on zoloft to help the anxiouxness. I took his suggestion and can honestly say that he is completely wrong. I am still suffering from severe joint pain, in my hands, wrists, legs, thighs, especially on my left side of my buttocks, shoulders and arms. I wish I could describe the pains at times, but it feels almost like at any moment if I put pressure on my wrist area that it would fracture or brake.

Okay, now onto the recent problems. I went to the doctors almost a month ago with concerns of bladder/yeast infection. I explained when I used the restroom, I would have foul smelling urine, cloudy urine, it would hurt when I urinated and I was extremely tired. They tested my urine and said that everything looked fine but put me on amoxicillan anyway. I then return to the doctors, a week later with the same problems, they tested me again and this time sent it in for a culture. Results came back that I had a kidney infection and my body was rejecting all medications besides, levaquin. I took that for 10 days and in the interm developed a severe yeast infection. Also, when they tested my this last time before they sent it in for a culture, she said my urine showed pus in it. (which I have no idea what that means). Okay, so after the yeast infection occured. I went back in, I complained of a yeast infection and they do another urine examine, it comes back clean but she decided to do a swap internally. She checks it under the microscope and says I have a severe yeast infection, so they put me on some cream meds. I have now been taking that for the last 4 days and the infection has not at all cleared up.

On top of all of this, I have complained and complained of extremely painful backaches. It has gotten sooooooo bad where I got up the other morning and could not even walk or put my back up straight. The pain is exactly where my kidneys are located. I ended up going to the emergency room and they basically said they thought I had a form of arthritis. I was like, what? In my kidney area?

Anyways, since then I have had pain throughout. I am waiting for test results back from my doctors, because she believes it may be my gallbladder or liver also. Supposedly, I was checked for problems 3 months ago, due to me complaining of these same symptoms, and they said my alkaline phosphate was measuring high. It was 150. She wanted to do a repeat test in 3 months, so at the last visit, they did it again and it was still high. So now they are breaking out my enzymes and I guess it will give them a better indication if it is my gallbladder or liver? Lastly, I have had real bouts with coughing lately. I am coughing up brown colored phlemgh. The coughing is not constant but most of the time I will continually cough up the plemgh. My chest hurts at times and it is hard for me to breathe. I have also had bad sinus infections I cannot get rid of and ear infections in both ears. Is this all related?? Also, just to let you all know, I have been smoking for 18 years, father died of brain cancer, he also had lung and his mother and sister both died of lung as well. What are my chances?

So I am here today to see if any of you have had similiar experiences or could help me figuare this out. Here is a list of symptoms I have had in the last few weeks:

pain in joints
extremely painful backaches that are located just below my ribs. Right side is more painful then left, pain raps around to front and goes up middle of spine area in back and down towards pelvis.
Noticable pain enhancement after I eat.
Itching on skin, so bad at times I cannot stop.
Urination problems
freezing outbreaks, I will start shivering for no aparent reason out of the blue.
Shaking and trembling in hands
pressure in my lungs in chest, feeling like someone is taking my breath away.
Recent, swelling in hands and feet, and abdomen
high blood pressure, 158/107. (my normal is 120/110)
fatigue, fatigue, fatigue
depressed ( I cry alot due to pain, and frustration)
bad taste in mouth, almost like a metal taste, dry mouth

Newest symptoms if noticeable swollen are under my left breast at the end of my ribs, almost on top. Very sensitive to touch.

Again if this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know!


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    Ail10670 - I am speechless at your post. You have many problems. I would suggest changing doctors and have a complete work up.

    Maybe having the baby has put you on a high stress. And you are thinking too much about your family with lung cancer. Change doctors, get a work up, complete, and see that changes. Enjoy the little one! That is God's gift to you.

    Let me know how you are doing.

    Fatboy (gini)
  • livin
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    Hi Ali, I agree with Fatboy you need to get a second opinion and a new Doctor seems as though some of your illnesses aren't being addressed properly. Example b.p. 120/110 is still considered high blood pressure. Please keep us posted. Thanks Livin
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    Ali, I'm speechless too. How can you function with a new baby??? It seems to me that perhaps a naturopatic doctor would be a better route? Of course you should stop smoking immedeately!