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Hi all,Spongebob,kerry,monika & andreae, thanks for the input and I agree with you all! No I am not looking for an answer, from someone else just like you said, some-one I feel comfortable with and I didn't with last I have now an appt for Mon. with a new ongologist at a cancer center nearby. i am so releived! I do have the hereditary colon cancer but just want to clear up any othere degress i may have and I did not get that with last ongol. anyway thank you for your thoughts I gained alot from you all, and I think I will be back to join you all in more discussions O.K. (if I can find it) Ha. We all know wht this Ca. will do but it helps to have others tell what they went through or whatever, You Know?I really appriciate you all Thanks Amy, Aka slammer


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    Hiya Amy--I was a bit late replying to you--read your last post.
    That is typical me--lol--has a lot to do with being here in "upside down land"--OZ
    Then occassionally I go awol working. Glad to hear you have another onc. and hope you can get that "personal" touch that many doctors seem to lack. I don't wish to seem to be doctor "bashing" because I guess they are only human and have their own personal issues--as well as working very hard and dealing with such a horrid disease. I have no doubt that each person needs to find a doctor that they can easily relate to. I guess it is human nature--some times any relationship takes time to nurture--it is just that with limited time in a consult room some patient/doctor vibes just click--other times not.
    Wishing you well, kanga n Jen