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I was diagnosed as a stage 3A bulky nodular sclerosis. After 3 treatments, at 2A, my oncologist wanted to do a ct scan earlier than later. I was totally floored and pleased with the results! My left neck, left chest (7.5 cm area) my spleen and my liver were all affected. The latest ct scan reveals that my neck, spleen and liver are NORMAL. My chest only has a .5 cm area! I found out the results two days before Thanksgiving. I am TOTALLY thankful! I will continue on with the remaining 9 abvd treatments and followed up with the radiation. Has anyone else had such a wonderful response? :-) Maureen


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    I was Dx with NSHL IIBX - I underwent Stanford V treatment and my chest xray about 1/2 way through came back normal and then I had a PET the week before my last treatment and I got the all clear from cancer thumbs up. :)

    CONGRATULATIONS - keep it up! :)
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    Hi Maureen,

    All I can say is Woo Hoo! (I hope that's coming across as a very positive exclaimation!) I have no idea if your results are typical but they certainly look GREAT!

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    Yup. Better living through chemistry!

    I had 6 tumors that totally disappeared after 4 ABVD treatments. I was scheduled for 12 treatments of ABVD, and my doc stopped the chemo after 8 treatments...My doc had never done that in 20+ years of oncology practice

    congratulations! I hope you are feeling well as possible. I also was told that the better a body responds to chemo, the better the long-term outlook is. ( I have no scientific evidence on that..)Keep up the good work!.. what ever you ( and the chemo) are doing is working!

    PS I will celebrate 5 years' survival next month! I wish you health and happiness, and happy holidays!!!-
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    Hi maureen, what terrific news. Just to let you know my 71 year old dad went into remission after 6 treatments, he continued 2 more for a total of 4 cycles. and then had 17 radiation treatments. He was scheduled for 12 treatments and ended up having only 8. (4 cycles)

    Best wishes to you and have a wonderful holiday!