New diagnosis,11.5psa, gleas 6

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New diagnosis psa 11.5, gleas 6
Message: Iv'e consulted surgeons doing open surgery, robotics/lapro, Novalis beam rad. Everyone says do the best thing for YOU but knowing what that is is difficult. My biopsy shows ppsitive 2 samples of 12 and only a very small part of each. Nobody has said you might have a very small tumor and may be easily treated w/radiation and your done. I tend to think I should have the prostate removed w/ the cut wide open procedure and hope there is no cancer outside the capsule. I am reading lots of indiv. experience w/ radiation who are sorry later and need more treatment. Anyone had good results w/rad and no recurrence? I am 55 and would like to not have the down time and potential of all nerve damaging w/removal of prostate. I am gratful I have options but will take what I get. Thanks in advance for your experiences. rjohn


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    My case is much like yours. PSA 13.6, Gleason 6. One of 12 from the second biopsy with a suspicious second. I also had a CAT scan, bone scan and an MRI to further explore possible spreading. No spreading evident. I saw three specialist including a top radiation oncologist. I'm 50 with small children. All recommended the best possible outcome would be from surgery, not laproscopic. Radiation may work but if it doesn't surgery is no longer an option later. I chose to accept the risks of incontinence and erection problems to be around for my growing children. I only had the surgery six weeks ago (October 13, 2004) and have 98 percent continence. So far zero erections and I'm concerned but am willing to wait further. I'll live with my decision in favor of long term survival.
    I have a web page posted if you wish to view it.
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    I am a dentist and reserached all. I had laporacopic surgery with the best, Dr. Arnon Krongad in Aventura, Fl. Total removal of all cancer; no pain, not even a tylenol, one day in hospital, 8 days with cath. Very satisfied. I am drying up now from incontince (surg Aug 24 04, still non erect but told that is normal for a year. I have no regrets and would be happy to talk to you. This is the best way to go today.
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    I,like the other two responders,elected to be totally rid of the cancer and felt the best option was to go the surgery route.

    As was mentioned, once radiation had been used the surgery option would be eliminated, and I did not want to take the chance of reocurrance.

    I will be cancer-free for 4 yrs in March and have resumed all activities, including sexual. The real KEY is to do your research in selecting a surgeon. I allowed Dr. Joseph Smith at Vanderbilt Clinic in Nashville to perform mine. That being said, everyone is different, and results can also be varied. Best of luck in making your decision and feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have an questions.