How to pick a chemo regimen

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Hi there...still muddling through this. My surgery went well and the drain was finally removed (yippee!!) but now comes the more complicated stuff. I've already had one appoint. with an onc; have another tomorrow. Unfortunately patholody still hasn't gotten all the resutlts (I'm 31, stage II, grade III, 1.4 cm, 1 node+, no receptor status yet.) I've been offered, so far, participation in that herceptin study if the receptor come back positive, otherwise dose dense AC+T. How do you sort out what final treatment path if the doctors don't agree (or even if they do)?


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    Have your oncologist take your case and all of the results to their oncology board. This is a group of oncologists that look at all of the results and collectively give you all of their opinions and knowledge on what would be the most effective treatment for you. Oncologists know, and more heads together make for better treatment.
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    I agree with "Sally". I am older than you, was only Stage 1, and I live in a small, rural community that happens to have a very good cancer center in our hospital. Our doctors have what is called a "Tumor Board" that meets to discuss cases. Our board is made up of the surgeons, oncologists, and radiation oncologist. They discuss treatment plans, and may tweak it a bit as they did mine. I would definitely ask about something like that. You have a tough road ahead of you and you want to be well-informed and be part of your decision making. For me, chemo was an option to gain another 10% assurity of no return. I opted to do it for security. I am now a three year survivor. My prayers are with you. Be strong and hang in there!
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    Hi -I agree about the tumor board but I also asked my oncologist for written material that provided information on the option she was recommending. Took me awhile to get through the article but it did influence my decision. I was able to go back and ask questions about items in the article that I didn't understand. Feeling I was involved in the decision helped me. Remember we are always here for you.