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Hi all, hope this message finds everyone in good spirits. Judy, since I can't physically give you a big hug, here's a computer hug ((((((((((((Judy)))))))))).

I've got a quick question. For those not familiar with my hubby's, Scott, situation, he was dx Stage IV in Feb. with mets to 13/21 lymph nodes & omentum. He did 6 mos of chemo (Avastin, Oxyliaplatin, Leukovorin & 5FU). In July he was NED and his chemo ended 9/23. Around this time, he got infection from port, which he was prescibed antibiotic for. Midway through finishing his antibiotic, his lower lip swelled up immensely. Yesterday, his lip swelled again, but he hasn't been on the antibiotic and says he didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. Has anyone experienced this? He hasn't taken the antibiotic in a month. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks for all your support. God Bless!

Linda (Baltimore)


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    Hi Btrcup'
    It doesn't sound like anything that I have heard of from chemo but it sounds remarkably like something that used to happen to my dad a fair bit. He had a strain of the herpes virus , the one that causes cold sores , and at times it would respond to stress by blowing his lip up to huge proportions . It would then slowly go down over a week. Good luck with the treatment ,hope Scott continues to do well Ron.
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    Sounds unusual. If it is painless but quite severe swelling it may be an allergic reaction to something or there are conditions that this occurs without a known precipitant eg angioedema. Worth checking out with your family doctor as it does not particularly sound like something related to the cancer or its treatment.