Sorry guys

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Hi all, I have really appreciated the help that you have given me. I just feel like a bother to everyone, so I'll try to refrain from posting, except positive things. Thanks for being there. I'll be ok. Again, sorry for being a pain in the a**. Love ya all
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


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    Judy -

    Let's put the brakes on right here and now. You are not a bother to any of us. I believe we were suggesting you talk to someone who is a pro because (at least for me) I know I wouldn't be coping half as well as you and I would be wanting to get someone's professional assistance in helping me deal with my problems. I wasn't suggesting that (a) you're a bother (b) you should only post positive stuff (c) you're a pain in the **** (I'm a sailor so I'll say it).

    Buck-up girlfriend - we all LOVE you and want only the best for you. I just sort of feel like I'm at a loss to suggest stuff tat may help. A guy's gotta know when to defer to the experts (wish I had honed that skill before I electrocuted my cat after a home improvement project... oh well)

    Judy, talk to someone who is an expert and can offer you help with more than just words and cliches like we can. I for one, don't want to see you electrocute your cat! (I picked up fur for months - I'm just kidding of course)

    - SpongeBob
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    Hey Judy,

    This is why we all come here to this site - we need each other! We'll always be here for you, through good and bad - vent, laugh, cry, we'll be here to get you through it.

    We just know that we can't put our arms around you and comfort you the way we would like - and perhaps some physical body (professional) can do that and steer you toward good resources to help you get through this.

    You have been through so much with this disease and you deserve only the best. Please know our thoughts are with you and we want to hear from you, no matter what!!

    Now let's kick some A___ and beat this disease.

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    Judy, Please do not feel like you are a bother. You have been through so much with this terrible disease. It is nice that we have this site to chat and help each other out. It would be hard for you to post positive things when you feel so miserable. When I was in the hospital when I had diarrhea from the chemo, I cried for days. The docters and nurses kept asking me to take antidepressants, my answer always was, "Get me feeling better, and I won't need any antidepressants." I am sure that it is hard for you to be cheerful when you feel so sick. Remember that we are always here and you can vent anytime.

    Try to keep your chin up. We are always here for you.
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    No apology necessary. This is a cancer support network - we are supposed to be here to allow everyone to vent as needed. If anyone doesn't want to hear about it, they don't have to read your post!!!! Free choice.

    So, post anytime and as often as you like. You can even repeat, as needed. Don't allow yourself any guilt from this site. You are simply using the board as it was intended.

    Try to smile a little - and let us know if you can't.
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    PLEASE don't talk like that!!! We here all need to hear form you no matter what the news is!!! I for one look forward to hearing from you and need to know that you are there!!!! I agree with Sponge Bob you need to talk to and expert!!!! You have been through the ringer more then once!!! No wonder you feel like you do!!! As I was told by a reliable source no matter what the news you are helping everyone!!! We are your friends and care very much about what you are going through!!! You are NOT a bother!!!! Please I need you to hang in there!!!! I don't know what your feeling as I don't know what my Bob is feeling as I am the caregiver here, but I do know that you need to talk to someone and just take one day at a time!!!!

    I am sending extra prayers to you and your family!!!!

    Please don't stop posting for any reason!!!!


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    judy judy judy!!!

    You have been woven into the semi-colon fabric and if you leave now you will unravel a beautiful part of the tapestry.

    So I would like to know where does it say in the rules here that only positive postings are allowed, eh?

    Oh yeah, there ARE no rules. Duh.

    Do you think for ONE minute that I am not considered a pain in the butt around here? (don't answer that Sponger). Sheesh. What a nag I am all the time sermonizing about our diets and such. (And yeah I WILL have a cow if you eat those donuts haha).

    Please do not think that you are a pain and not welcome if you don't put on the happy face. that sounds too much like some churches I know. We sit in the pews with smiles on our faces when we are crying inside but somewhere along the way we got the idea that when we were "saved" we were relieved of our pain and grief and struggles and everything was supposed to be hunky-dory.

    Well guess what--we can handle the venting. And like Jana said, if they don't want to read your posts they don't have to.

    Ok gang.....((((((((GROUP HUG))))))))) around Judy!!!

    Ok, does that convince you enough? If folks come on here and think that only the happy and funny and silly and positive is allowed then we are not doing anyone a service on this SURVIVORS NETWORK!!!!

    peace, emily who will now step down from the pulpit
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    hey judy,
    first of all i echo everyone on this board. we are here good or bad for you and everyone else.
    you can vent as much as you want and we will always be here for you. you have been thru alot and have come thru, you can keep going because you are a fighter. now kick some booty!!!!!!!!
    stay the course
    keep positive
    keep the faith
    all the best
  • kangatoo
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    fedester said:

    hey judy,
    first of all i echo everyone on this board. we are here good or bad for you and everyone else.
    you can vent as much as you want and we will always be here for you. you have been thru alot and have come thru, you can keep going because you are a fighter. now kick some booty!!!!!!!!
    stay the course
    keep positive
    keep the faith
    all the best

    Sweet Judy. I come on here almost every night unless I am awol(working) I have been doing it for 15 months since being afflicted by this horrid disease. So many people here I have cause to thank-god only knows how I could have coped without them--AND THAT INCLUDES YOU!!!
    When I get the chance I try to email many here- incuding you.
    Remembered I told you I cried when you were in hospital in such a bad way??I told you it was true that I cried! The emotional feeling of sitting here and being so far from you and the guys n gals here is at times overwhelming. WHY--because we are all family and we all have buried in us a part of each other---that love and support that is there for you and everyone here. You gave it to us and now we return it! Judy--you are never a bother!!
    luv n huggs, kanga n Jen
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    Judy, if you set such a precedent of not feeling able to post problems and worries that bodes poorly for the rest of. I feel the need to know this site is here for me when I hit lows which are inevitable for all of us. Please do not feel bad about posting your worries. I need to know that when I am worried I can do that and people (including yourself) would be here for me.

    So keep venting your woes here and we are here for you just as you are for us- it is a two way street and we all gain from it.

    Let us know how things go with your results coming in.
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    Hello Judy,

    I am so happy you could feel the love and support of all your friends here. Remember friends are with you in the bad times as well as the good.