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I was doing some volunteer work in a nursing home when I first noticed what I thought was hemorrhoid. Went to a nurse and asked for something for the discomfort. Of couse she gave me hemorrhoid medication. Now that I think back I wonder how many of those poor people in the nursing home may have the same thing and are being given hemorrhoid medication for it??

It was actually another year before I went to the Dr. I thought so long as I could numb it up it was OK.

But then it started protuding from my butt hole and felt like a steel rod stuck up there.

The first GP I went to talked me out of hemorrhoid surgery by telling me how awful and nasty it was. This was a woman Dr.

The next one sent me straight to a surgeon. Thank God.

I have six siblings and a very large extended family and am the first to ever be diagnosed with cancer. I am hoping that I will also be the last.

To everyone--stay in there and keep kicking even if it is someones butt.



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    Exactly my thoughts Patsy. As I said to you. there must be a heap of people out there who are having the symptoms--and many "could" be due to bowel cancer rather than those horrid little veins. I spend a lot of time over here trying to tell people--guys in particular, to get there gp to investigate further when they check the haemharoid situation. It is SO important. Even tho the trouble is confirmed as being haemharoids, there must most certainly be further exploration as what happenned with you and me. It can save lives!!
    luv n huggs, kanga n Jen