Cancer and Sexual Relations

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This question may sound inappropriate, but it is a legitamte, serious one. I am 16 years of age. I have chemo in me, and my girlfriend and I were wondering if we are able to have any form of sexual relation. If she were to have my semem inside of her, in anyway, would she be affected? Would she get sick, if transffered orally? I wish not to ask my doctor, so I decided to ask in a place of confidentiailty. Thank you in advance.


  • mlockrem
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    Hello My oncologist said to practice safe sex (condom) right after treatment- Otherwise we got the go ahead!
  • speedygo
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    Young man, you should be more concerned about getting well, than having sex with your girlfriend, grow up and get your priorities straight. You should be able to answer your own question, is cancer contagious?????
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    I'd like honestly to tell you, that you question is absolutely normal and not shameful!!! You are a young man and if you have a desire to have intimate relationship with your girlfriend - You Must follow your instincts!!! According to the newest searches cancer is Not contagious disease and by sex or any other contact it won't transferee to you partner. I feel a shamed to people, who point you out to your cancer and not think of Normal human desires. I'm not saying you should forget your seriousness of it, not at all. You should follow your doctors advises, treatments and etc. However you should live and enjoy your life with your significant other and sexual relationship is one of the supportive form for you to stay in physical and mental shapes and feel closer to one another. Don't listen people who were criticized you, they don't know better of how important is to live a normal life and enjoy every minute of it!!!
    I, myself also was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and now after the treatment unfortunately I don't have any desire to have any sexual relationship with my boyfriend. So my advise to you do it and enjoy it with your girlfriend until it last!!! And this is not a Virus or Infection otherwise we all would go for antibiotic treatment and would be done with it in a week ;)
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