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Has any taken the chemo drug Temador for stage IV? I know sometimes it is offered with Thalidamide or Arsnic too? Can any give me any feedback on their treatment?


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    my husband just started this drugs I can't tell you much but he is very tired and cranky.
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    I am on my 4th cycle of temador(6 weeks on , 2 weeks off). I feel great, I do get a bit fatigued, but I am carrying on with life pretty much normally. I have had a bit of hair thinning but I still don't need a wig. I have had some significant shrinkage of most of my tumors, which is amazing at this point. If you haven't started yet, it is definately worth a try. I have just had a lump removed that was growing despite the temador. The doctors agreed that I should stay on the temador though since it has been working so well. Good luck!!!