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Ahoy everyone -

Well in a break from my usual paradigm of touting the benefits of good Cuban or Haitian rum to cure what ails (ales?) you here is the contact info I have on Essiac Tea:

Resperin, and it's subdivision called Essiac International (which, as I understand it, is the "real deal"; the company Renee Caisse - note that's "Essiac" if you spell it backwards - signed the tea recepie and rights to use the name Essiac to upon her death) Their number is:
800-668-4559. They can give you ordering info, and provide you literature.

I'm not endorsing Essica Tea nor Resperin/Essiac International here. I am passing along contact info provided to me by a dear friend who believes very strongly in the tea and its benefits.

Hope this helps. If not, I have plenty of Cuban and Haitian rum here so we can just have one big party! Any takers?

- SpongeBob