Worried about shoulder pain

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Ok...so, I am doing this new job and part of the training requires that I tote this awful things around, these heavy binders, etc. I am in different branches all the time so I am moving these items all the time.

Early on, in Sept late, or Oct., my shoulder blade was uncomfortable. A dull pain that hurt no matter what I did. But, did not hurt when I did do something,like if it were a pulled muscle. I thought it was the toting and lugging. But, it has gotten progressively worse. It is closer to my spine now and radiates up my neck and my arm hurts if it is held in most positions. It is on the same side as my cancer.

so, I went to the emergency room tonite per my company's workman comp thing. And, they xrayed but, could not see any inflamation, nor anything else that would show in an xray. They told me to see my oncologist to be sure, as she could do an MRI and see if it were a disk issue or torn something or whatever.

Guys, have any of you had a spread that acted this way? I am scared because my cancer was so aggressive. And, they did not biopsy the areas that were so diffuse in my breast, only the orig biopsy site was dealt with. So, I am worried.



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    I can't remember, but you aren't too far out of your treatment right? All I can tell you is that i had really bad and funky pains in my shoulder blades, across my back and down my arm for a long time after my lymph node surgery.
    I still get it now if I have been inactive and then suddenly decide to paint the kitchen or someother crazy arm movement.
    It was DEFINITELY worse in the first year. I am now in the third year.
    My Breast Surgeon is of the school of thought that we should use our arms equally and not baby our "bad" arm. He even recommends lifting light weights. But this has to be done VERY GRADUALLY or you will feel exactly like you are feeling now.
    I think trying to carry things like you are is a new movement for your new nerve endings to get used to. If you can take some advil that might help and when you come home try and elevate the arm.
    I just hate this how we now have to alter even the little things in our lives.
    I would call the Breast Surgeon if I were you. It can't hurt to have it checked out.
    I hope you feel better over the weekend.
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    Hi Jan. Don't panic! It sounds like from lugging heavy books and things around, your Trapezius muscle is inflamed. That muscle goes from the back of your head(Occiput) to the shoulder blade area. Any muscle imbalance can cause discomfort especially if you're not used to carrying heavy things. Also, the trapezius muscle is a real target for stress and can cause headaches too. See your Oncologist to rule out anything but if it continues, I'd consider going to PT. They can help relax you and teach you exercises to strengthen the area. You may want to try to carry the heavy things another way such as pushing them in a cart etc... Good luck. Please let us know how you make out. HUGS!! Cathy