New update: mom w/ advanced NSCLC, mets to bone

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I have been off the discussion board for about 1 week now as we've been waiting for all the reports to come back in.

We celebrated 1 small victory when the liver ultra sound came back clear so we are very grateful that her liver is clean.

Today, however, we received the preliminary PET report and it showed that the NSCLC has mets to the bones (involving the spine in the lower back and in the back of the neck area).

Today is her 1st day of chemo and I'm using the hours to begin our hunt for any information on successful treatments of Stage IV nsclc w/ mets to the bone, any stories, advice, referrals out there?? (She's doing a combo of Carboplatin and Taxol... depending on how that goes the oncologist is considering radiation on the bones areas, but that's later).

Any help is much appreciated... my Mom is so amazing and has a quiet inner peace with how she is handling everything. We are praying every night and would love any suggestions.

Thank you!

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    hi, I am Mike, go to this weeks issue of , , there is a new treatment vacine for stage 111 b and stage 1v non-small cell lung cancer, it is L-BLP25, it has something to do with the immune system. I hope this helps some, hugss, I am a small cell lung cancer survivor.
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    Hello Nenette,

    It looks as though we are in the same boat. We found out last week that my mother in law has developed brain mets from stage IV NSCLC. She has 15-20 incredibly small lesions. She starts radiation today. Sure has been a lot to handle. She's 3 1/2 years out from initial diagnosis (initially staged at 3B, but then mets to the other lung, restaged at 4).

    The initial diagnosis was difficult to get, we've seen so many changes in her of late, but the doc's couldn't pinpoint it until we took her to the ER & had her admitted. She was confused, disoriented, off-balance, memory problems; exactly like dementia. The CT came back clear, so I thought we were in the clear on the CA, but the MRI showed lesions.

    My MIL is only 65, how old is your mom? We have been so lucky to have her with us this long, can't help but think we're on the downswing though. So much fear and worry about what is to come.

    Best wishes to you,