Tamoxifin and pregnancy

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Hi everyone - I just turned 39 years old, am a 3 year survivor, and was married 3 years ago. My husband and I wanted to start a family as soon as we were married because I was 35. Well one week before I got married found out I had BC. I had a lumpectomy and 1 node positive. Did chemo, radiation and have been on tamoxifin for 3 years. I was thinking about stopping the tamoxifin and trying to get pregnant, then go back on tamoxifin for the remaining 2 years if I have a child. Has anyone gone off tamoxifin early? My oncologist said that I have 10% increased risk of a reoccurrence. Would love to hear from anyone who has had the same experience, thank you.


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    HI I had breast cancer at 28, and at that time, the oncologist told me if I wanted to have children to not go on tamoxifen. I did not and had my son at 33. I dont know what ramifications being on tamoxifen and then going off would have. I would have this discussion with your oncologist and obgyn. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

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    Hi there - I don't have an answer but I'm asking myself similar questions. I had it at 27, am 31 now and want to stop but am waiting to hear back from my oncologist. Let me know if you hear anything from your doctor; I'd be curious to know what they say.